Mini Baler FAQ.

  • Who uses the Mini-baler?
    Hay and straw producers who want to sell in a metro market with a two to three thousand percent increased profit compared to conventional bales.
    Horse farms who use younger farmhands to handle the convenient, lighter, bales
  • What crop can be baled?
    All Hay's
    barley straw (used for algae control in ponds)
    clover(rabbit feed)
  • What kind of twine is recommended?
    Bridon 9600 plastic twine. (Best Choice)
    One package of 9600 twine wraps approximately 1,920 bales of 4” x 6” x 10” or 1,108 bales of 11" 8.5" x 17"
    New Holland natural sisal twine
    One package of 7200 twine wraps approximately 1,440 bales of 4” x 6” x10” or 830 bales of 8” x 11” x 17”
  • How many bales per hour does the mini-baler produce?
    Table Top: 300-480/Hr
    Pull-Type : 700-900/Hr
  • What are the drive options on the hand feed Stationary Baler?
    • Hydraulic drive requires a tractor or skid loader with 10 gallon per minute minimum hydraulic flow
    • PTO pump driven by a tractor with 20 PTO hp @ 540 RPM.
    • Quiet electric motor with 7 ½ hp, requires 220 volt single stage electric service.
    • 13 Hp Honda engine with a self-contained hydraulic unit
  • Are the stationary 4x6.5 balers production run machines?
    Each stationary unit is a custom hand built machine. Although it does not look like it rolled off a modern assembly line, each unit is dependable and mechanically tested before it leaves the manufacturer. When possible, genuine New Holland baler parts are used thoughout the machine.
  • Are all Pull-type 8x11 balers reconditioned balers?
    Our current production mini-balers are reconditioned New Holland balers with automatic twine tie. All bearings & wear parts are replaced with original OEM New Holland parts. Particular older used units are better suited to the mini-baler conversion process than current production models. None the less, new balers can be modified with the smaller bale chamber at an additional charge.
  • What size tractor is needed for the 8x11 pull-type baler?
    30+ PTO HP is required to reach the rated 700-900 bales per hour.Its possible to have less power and travel at a slower speed.
  • What kind of Warranty or Guarantee goes with each machine?
    • 8 x 11 pull-type machines have a 6 month parts warranty
    • 4.5 x 6 stationary machines have a 12 month parts warranty
  • Where are the bales sold?
    • Craft and Decorating Stores: ie: A.C. Moore
    • Farm Markets
    • Pet Stores (straw & clover hay)
    • Super Stores
  • What do the bales retail for?
    Typicaly $5.00 – $10.99
  • What is the approximate dimension and weight of each machine?
    8 x 11 pull-type machines are 3,200lbs and 230”long x 104” wide x 71” high
    4.5 x 6 stationary machines are 1,600 lbs and 128”long x 74” wide x 69” high
  • Can I have my current baler converted?
    Only New Holland Hayliner balers can be converted to Mini-Bale operaiton. We specificly are looking for model 273's which are best suited to the conversion process.
  • How big is the market for bales?
    Surprisingly large. That said, each persons local market will vary. There are mini-balers that will run nearly 24 Hours a day in season, while there are others that will sit idle. Success is dependant on the individuals drive to find customers and build their business.