Pull-Type Mini Baler

The pull type mini-baler is a refurbished New Holland hay baler with a modified bale chamber. All moving and wear parts are replaced and only the chasis and sheet metal remain from the original baler. Since these are refurbished units it is normal to see some irregularies in the sheet metal. The unit carriers a 6mo parts warrenty.

The baler can be pulled with most small tractors. We recomend 30+ PTO Hp for optium operation. Gear drive machines are adaqute for smaller windrows, however for larger quanities for hay its good to have a hydrostatic machine that can creap along more slowly.

Typicaly mini-balers are built from New Holland Hayliner Balers. These older balers are best suited to the mini-bale conversion process.

The rear of the baler has a hitch for a wagon to collect the bales that are pushed up the ramp.

The resulting bales are packed and tied tightly in a perfect retail package.