About the Company

The Mini-Baler is supported by a partnership between two companies.
  • Messick Farm Equipment
  • Sales and Product Support
    Messicks is a large dealer for farm and construction equipment. They are also the exclusive retailer of the Esch Mini-Baler. From Central Pennsylvania, Messicks serves much of the north east and offers the best in product knowledge and aftersales support. We back the Mini-Baler with a total parts inventory exceding $5,000,000 and a staff of over 110.

  • Esch Hay Equipment
  • Manufacturer
    Sam Esch has perfected the design and construction of the Mini-Baler over the last 20 years. His unique design accomplished what many major manufacturers have been unable to duplicate. Esch Hay builds and repairs various farming equipment tailored to the Amish farms common in Pennsylvania. Each Mini-Baler is painstakingly handbuilt at Esch's shop.